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(1.) I didn't even know they ranked high schools, but just wasted way too much time looking through that list and learned that some schools from my hometown are on there. who knew? (2.) when I couldn't find my way around campus, I'd sneak a peek at a map that I kept in my bag. I tried to do it very discretely so people around me wouldn't see that I was lost.

great first entry!

(1.) Haha yea its pretty random that they rank high schools but we didn't really question it because our Principal made the last half of that Friday a huge party where we didn't have to go to class and we had a lot of free food.

(2.) I put the campus map on my cell phone back in the summer so I know what you mean. =D


Glad to hear all is going so well at school, your programs and all the activities that your are involved in, wow were do you find the time? What letter or number are you in in the freshman picture?

Keep up the good work while enjoying the experience...

I like your blog as well

Uncle Pat

Hey Uncle Pat! Thanks for reading my blog, and thanks for the compliment! I find the time for my activities because I have a LOT more free time here than I did in High School. As for the Freshman picture I'm wearing a blue shirt and I'm in the middle of the "U" on the right side, just about halfway between the top and the bottom. I couldn't find a larger picture of I would have edited the picture to show where I am.

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