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October 07, 2007


Kit Harris

I know exactly what you mean about CogPsych! Even though its at 9 am, his demostrations are so interesting! I'm glad we sit together with our coffee everyday...

Roxi Radi

There's no shame in calling the dorms home!!! You know what this means though, right? If home is where the heart is, we must have REALLY big hearts to be spreadin' them all over the country :-D (at least that's what I tell my mom when she gets jealous!)

Laura Delman

ummm "Hello Mom and Dad"??!?!?! What about your loving wonderful sister, ahem....

Katie Schlossberg


Shayna B.

our sunday breakfast should be admired by everyone who reads this! its amazing!!

Maddie Lochte

Seriously, I agree with Katie, reading your writing makes me remember how very much I miss you. And it's a lot (in case you didn't know).

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