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February 07, 2006



Hey Daniel (Mr.Creasy),

If you ever have any extra time from reading the mounds of apps, please write about "The Mullet" story! If you don't, it would only make us assume that you have emotional baggage attached to the amazing mullet and that you, yourself, had one.... :)


I did not know that about your dog, soze, and I would just like to further inform you that the usual suspects is one of my favorite movies of allll time. =)


You are the ultimate dork. HAHA, I can just imagine Evangeline fighting a bear for you.


Don't worry one day I will reveal the entire "Mullet" story with all its wonderful details ... probably sometime this summer.

Soze is in my humble opinion the greatest name for a Dog because it comes from the greatest movie of all time. Loosely translated my dog's name is "The Devil."

And yes I am a dork Stefanie, and love being one. As for Evangeline, no need for her to fight the polar bear that is what Soze is for. Her job will be taking "care" of me.

Daniel Creasy

My names Daniel Creasy. I was bored so I seached my name on google. Cool.


...at the risk of violating one of your pet peeves# 5...(and this really is my first time!) I do need to thank you for the time you spent on reading Samantha's application..her smile lit up the world last night at 7:02pm!! Did you see it?
Pat...mom of Samantha

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