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June 26, 2006



Thanks for the comments. Are there are entries from the Guest Blog or Stefanie's blog that you want to nominate to be considered for our Best of the Blogs book. We are going to publish specific entries from each blog - so just list your favorite entries (title and date).



One of the blog posts I liked was Michelle Brown's tour guide post.


You should include all the Cribs posts so that visitors can see all the dorms even if they can't come to the Open House


i thought Stefanie's blog on March 31 is pretty informative. so im going to vote for her entry =)


I like Phil C.'s blog entitled Hopkins? or.....
I think it would it gives very good insight on choosing a college in general.
Plus, I feel that he writes in a very lighthearted and personal style


Thanks everyone!!!
Your nominations are great.


honestly? its a bit hard picking a 'favourite' blog or entry, cos all of them and offer different views of life in hopkins. The guest blog in particular makes very interesting reading and i loved the most recent acapella entry. i also liked julia p's may 12th entry about finals week. you hear so much about finals and how hard they are..she gave an interesting and well written insiders account :)

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