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June 23, 2006



oh good! i was wondering when you were going to post again! looking forward to it!

C. Han

Wonderful! I'm excited to read more about Hopkins..

AdDan friend

I think we need to buy you a new calendar!


"I think we need to buy you a new calendar!"

Yes! You don't realize anyone's actually reading this thing and will notice, do you? :-)


Hi Daniel! I'm the prefrosh girl who came up to you this morning at Hopkins. It was nice meeting you. It's really great that you can do all this stuff for us on the internet. I'd like to read the new entry too! Any chance we'd get some official number or estimate as to the size of the class of '10? Thanks!


Hmmmm. That's really strange. I wrote a whole new update to the blog over the weekend and uploaded it on Monday. I guess something went wrong. Let me sign-in and try to fix this.


OK. I found the problem. I saved the entry and forget to publish! I know, I'm an idiot. Sorry about that. All is in working order now.
Kara, thanks for the comment. I am always happy to meet people who actually know what I am talking about when I say Hopkins Interactive or Admissions_Daniel.

As for your question, the current size of the class of 2010 is around 1160. We do not get updated numbers until early August after the academic advising offices have completed registration and the housing office has completed room assignments. That number will drop some, but by how much we can only roughly guess.


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