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September 08, 2006


Sheila Tinn-Murphy

I linked to the College Confidential you provided and on thread #19 the Vice President of Enrollment at Dickinson tells a great story of a parent encounter when he was Director of Enrollment at JHU.


I had heard that story from Bob Massa before, and it was one of the reasons I posted the thread. I think it raises some poignant points about this whole rankings thing.

By the way, Jackie is great and I am so glad she has joined the Advisory Board and will be blogging soon.



That was quite an interesting post--reading the behind-the-scenes thoughts of JHU administration was indeed a tremendous opportunity. Thank you for posting it.

Still, I cannot help but notice the parallels between the situation of school-rankings-impacting students-decisions and its counterpart SAT-scores-impacting-schools-decisions. Just like "admissions professionals are forced to accept that a flawed system based on trivial factors has grown increasingly popular..." so are students forced to accept that a single test score can make or break an application. It is fortunate that this does not plague Hopkins, as JHU takes a holistic approach to the applications...

Still, it's curious, isn't it?

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