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November 08, 2006


Jeff Z

This decision whether to apply JHU Early or Regular is driving me insane. If I was truely "into" pre-med and the medical field as a future career, I would definetly do Early Decision. However, I have many trepidations about the medical field and unsure if I am committed to medical school. I know that the statistics show that the Early Decision candidates from the Class of 2010 had 48% acceptance whereas Regular Decision had 25-27% acceptance. I still don't know what to do, but I will have to decide in the next few days. I would rather apply regular decision, since it is non-binding, but it greatly diminishes my chance of acceptance. I found this blog post very helpful but I am still undecided at this point wheter to apply early decision or not.

Jeff Z

This is a follow up question. How important is the factor of extracurricular activities. The collegeboard website says that it is an important factor. If my SAT score is in the 2200 area and my GPA is 3.9, but I only have 1 main extracurricular (Science Fair/Research), what are my chances of getting into regular decision? What are my chance of getting into early decision?


Jeff Z:
I suggest that you go back and read my entry again. I think you continue to base your decision about whether to apply ED v. RD and the wrong reasons -- your chances for admission. And I am not sure what your discussion about being "into" pre-med is about -- I hope you understand Hopkins offers a lot more than that.

My simple advice, you should apply RD. Clearly, you are not one of those students who absolutely knows Hopkins is your first choice. And I hope my entry explains why those are the only students who should apply ED.

Finally, as I have stated many times before ... we do not comment on a students chances for admission.

Good luck.

Nirajan Thapa

I'm Nirajan from Nepal. I want to continue my further education in John Hopkins university and major in economics.

However, is it true that applying under Regular Decision has less acceptance rate.
How much of an impact does SAT score make on the admission process? I've obtained 1790 on the SAT and i'm not sure if that will be enough for your university?


The one that I think I love about ED is that you can show how much you love the school. JHU is my #1 dream, prefect school and I'm in love with everything about JHU; so I applied ED. And I feel that because of it, Admissions can see that.


Once again, just as I said to Jeff Z, I suggest you go back and read the post I made. Thinking about acceptance rates is really not the way to approach the decision about ED v. RD. As well, we don't comment on chances -- all parts of the application are reviewed. We do not have any formulas or required scores.

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