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December 13, 2006


Pativet Sathiensamrit

Thank you for the information ! Now I have no more doubts, just to wait ...


RSS feeds are nice...

I was hoping the e-mails would be sent earlier but I guess I'll have to suffer until 3 PM. I appreciate that all of you realize that kids are usually bombarded with questions about whether they got into their ED school around this time. I've been witnessing it around my school.

Evidently you're into movie soundtracks. Two of my favorites are the "About a Boy" soundtrack which is done completely by Badly Drawn Boy (I haven't even seen the movie), and "Magnolia" which is also completely done by one artist: Aimme Mann.

Dan Bee Kim

Thank you for the new posting! Hm.. one question. When do we receive our packages? I live in Indonesia, and want to know when I'll find out whether I got into the BME major or not. *Sob* I hope it's soon.

Michael C

worry whether you are accepted first >< then worry about the bme part =D gl!

Michael C

cc forum is non functioning again...due to large numbers of eders on it lol >< arggg...


Oh no =( Well, I've already waited 30 days, a couple more hours won't hurt.


John - never heard the "About a Boy" soundtrack, will have to check that one out since I enjoyed the movie. Big fan of Magnolia - the movie, the soundtrack, and especially Aimee Mann

Dan Bee - All decision letters mail on Dec. 15, that includes international post as well. Unfortunately I can not predict how long it will take for your decision to arrive in Indonesia.


I'm posting this again so it's more visible...
Quick Question:
If accepted early decision, does the student also find out at the same time if she/he has been accepted for the wilson fellowship project?


Jessica - Decisions about the Wilson fellowship are not made until the Regular Decision round -- so you will not be notified until the end of march. The same is true for merit scholarships.

Dan Bee Kim

Thank you for the answer. By the way, how's your headache?

Ok.. so it's 2 more days left for me. Good luck you guys and again, I dare say, good luck to me too!

Michael C

as it draws near...gl to us all =D

BME 2010 Parent

If last year is any indication, the e-mail notification does not include the BME decision. My son had to wait a weekend until he learned of his BME decision. It was worth the wait, he loves the school and the program. Good luck to all!


Wait, Michael, are you darkhope from cc?

Sara Luterman

Wow, this is so exciting! Last night I had a dream about Johns Hopkins, but I can't remember if it was good or bad. I don't believe in omens anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter.


Quick Update...
It's 4:39pm Baltimore time and I am heading home after a long day. Still got the headache, so it will be an early night for me. The office has about two hours left of sealing envelopes and confirming the right decisions are going to the right applicants. We will finish that off tomorrow morning, and the drive all the decision letters to the main postal center in downtown Baltimore. At 6:00 p.m. EST we will send the e-mail decisions. Then the staff will get to relax a bit, until we start reading RD applications. Aaaahhhh!

Best wishes to all.

Michael C

yes i think i posted the same thing on cc last night lol =D
appreciation towards staff and gl to us all =D
"best wishes"-can have both a negative/positive connotative meaning to it =/


I have a quick question about BME.
Can Hopkins release the BME major decision over the phone or through e-mail?

I live in South Korea, and it normally takes 2~3 weeks for the decision letter to arrive. By then, I should have sent all my Regular applications to other universities.(ED contract becomes void when I fail to make it into BME major).

I need to find out whether I got into the BME major as soon as possible.(I need to know whether I should start preparing for my Regular applications. Moreover, even if I do send my Regular applications before the decision packet arrives, I might have to withdraw my Regular applications, only if I am lucky enough to get into BME. Regular applications cost some deal of money -Application fees, SAT score sending, AP score sending, TOEFL score sending)

I don't want to waste my money for unnecessary Regular applications. I hope Hopkins can help me.


couldn't you just call the admissions office monday and ask?


"therefore we do not release such information over the phone or through email. "

Dan Bee Kim

Hey Park, wow.. another Korean like me!

If you look at the blog post, it almost spells it out for you: N.O. YOU ONLY GET TO KNOW ABOUT THE DECISION THROUGH YOUR OFFICIAL PACKAGE.

Yes, I live in Indonesia and it takes even LONGER for the mails to get here... argh!

I guess we'll just have to be happy about gettig into JHU first, get our RD applications ready and if we do get in, we'll just celebrate :)

Ah!!! Only 16 more hour left!! No!

Good luck.


park - sorry, but as I mentioned in the post we do not release BME decisions over the phone or e-mail. For international mail, we send admit decisions by the quickest means possible.


great i aint in!! luckily i got deffered though till april.. small ray of hope..


Mr. Creasy. I didn't get my email yet. Is it because my mailing list was different from the one I put on my application? My other email from the mailing list was erased. I can't call the office until monday, right? I guess I have to wait until Monday. I have to wait two more days.


Is there any way I can know before Monday?


Hi! You've been doing a great job keeping us up to date. I was just wondering when the last of your emails will be out? Thanks!

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