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December 16, 2006


Michael C

Regarding the "quality" of the admits is there a mean gpa also? ^^ and approximately how many students will be coming from the west coast (specifically calif.)? =D ty!


We don't provide mean GPA stats to the public. GPA is a really tricky admission statistic for us and one we typically do not publish. Every high school computes GPA differently, have different weighting systems, have different grading systems, etc. For this reason there really is no way to quantify an average GPA.

As for west coast ED admits:
California = 40
Washington = 2
Oregon = 3

Michael C

=D yesssss atleast 45 students will freeze to death next year like me lol O.o


Thank you so much for posting these!
Look out Johns Hopkins...Class of 2011 here we come! :-D

Happy New Year!

PS I was very impressed with the folders: velcro, the Yes, the color scheme...quite impressive.


Do you know approximately how many students were admitted from the South? I'm from NC and everyone I've talked to so far is from NY/NJ/PA!


Here are the ED admits from the South:
FL = 13
GA = 4
KY = 1
MS = 1
NC = 7
VA = 16
So yes there are more than NY/NJ/PA people. Those mid-atlantic people seem to be prominent in cyberspace.


I'm always going to remember December 15th, it was a very long day for me but ended quite nicely. Quite a few of my friends, who were browsing through my belongings on my desk as they always do, commented on how cool the acceptance packet is.

A bit of a non sequitur:

Daniel, there is a question I've been meaning to ask: Is there a big "The Wire" community at Hopkins? Is there any way to watch it there (being that it's on HBO)? I just started watching it a month or two ago and feel like I'm getting to know Baltimore a little more (yes,I DO know it's fictitious but I can't help but imagine I'll be looking for some of the characters and mayor Tommy Carcetti in B-more).

Anyways, thanks for the post -Jack


How many admits were from the west? New Mexico/arizona/colorado/utah/wyoming?

Dan Bee Kim

Hey John, wazzup my little Korean pal? haha.

Also, can you please let us know how many people were international applicants? Just outa curiosity lol.

Yes, i was literally SHOCKED at the JHU acceptance packet. i mean a velcro and a yes? come on you've gotta admit this is cool!(and expensive!) i'm not trying to compare, but my other college acceptance packet was good too but nothing compared to the black-velcroed-"yes"-bag-looking-packet! woohoo! (ok... i'm getting a little bit too excited about a velcro and i used the word "compare" -_-.) haha Happy New Year!

Byung Joon Park

Hey Dan Bee, that John is the other John -_- Well, Happy New Year to everyone here!

and Dan Bee it's so wonderful THAT you got into BME! :)


Ha yeah... I saw that there was another John. I go by Jack so I'll just post as that now.


Hi Daniel!

Could you could post up somewhere the mean SATI and SATII scores for the BME acceptances? I'm curious as to how difficult it was for them to get in ;].


Jack - I am really not sure if students watch "The Wire" - you might want to ask on the message boards. I personally have made it a new year's resolution to catch up on all the past seasons (probably will have to wait until the summer). I first got addicted to shows about Baltimore with one of my favorite series ever, Homicide: Life on the Street. Though both shows focus more on a Baltimore of 10 years ago, it is always cool to see a show filmed in your city.


More West Coast admits:
AZ = 6
CO = 8
NM, UT, WY = 0 admits (only 2 ED applicants from these states.)
International admits = 33 (9 of whom were schooled in the U.S.)
George -- we do not release admissions statistics for specific majors -- sorry!


How about the New England admits: ME, NH, VT, MA, RI?


I was waiting for someone to ask about the great New England admits -- the ones so dear to my heart:
MA = 17
NH = 3
RI = 3
ME = 1
VT = 0 (only 1 ED applicant from VT)


How about Midwest admits? Especially MO :-).


How about the CT admits, we're New England too?


CT may be part of New England but here at Hopkins our territories are not broken down that way. CT is combined with NY for its own region. But as far as CT admits = 17.

Midwest #s
MO = 1
IL = 13
MI = 10
MN = 2
OH = 9


Stats from Pennsylvania please?



ED Admits from PA = 43.

Dan Bee Kim

woops, my bad!lol

wow... there are so many people who got in! (and thank you for posting everyone's answers to the statistics.)

ok. the regulars' applications are all in... the process starts all over again i guess.

hi byung joon!

Jennifer Kwon

I was wondering how many Korean students residing in Korea atm were accepted ED this year.

Thanks (:


Of the 33 International admits, 5 are Korean citizens from Korean high schools.

Dan Bee Kim

5!! wow now that's what i call amazing (since they must have had extra work to do.. right?)

can you please advise how many Koreans were admitted in total? thank you ;)

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