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September 30, 2007


Lauren Carney

Great blog!! :] I agree with you completely, especially about what information interested students should want to learn: I LOVE that I chose to come to Hopkins {it's definitely my best "fit!"}, but I wish I had taken more advantage of all of the people who were willing to answer my questions! Especially on Hopkins Interactive, there are SO MANY students and a couple great Admissions guys {:P} that can honestly answer questions about social life, extracurriculars, faculty, classes, Baltimore, etc., and I wish that every single student who is thinking of applying here could benefit from that! The numbers {SATs, GPAs, class rank, etc.} are extremely important to high school seniors who are preparing to apply to schools and it is often hard to separate themselves from that .. but the college application process will be MUCH less stressful and choosing between schools will be MUCH easier if they seek out the schools that seem the best all-around for them, and try to inject as much of themselves {not the person they think Hopkins wants} into their applications.

P.S. Lilly is so beautiful! :]


Just a few words from the father of Daniel. If you are fortunate enough to know him either at time of recruitment or at Hopkins in the future, you will be better off for it. The energy that he and his colleagues put into helping perspective students, to make the right decision is unparallelled in this industry. His mother is also his rock, and that kind of support is also a main reason why Daniel is as good as he is in his proffession. My main thought for those of you that are going to attend Hopkins or any other University make sure as my wife has said enjoy the four years to its fullest. It is not all about learning.


Lauren: Thanks for the comment ... my Mom also really appreciated it.

And Dad: I must say I was a bit shocked you knew how to comment on the blog. But that when I read what you wrote, I actually got a tear in my eye. THANK YOU!

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