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October 14, 2007



hmm, interesting article. I particularly love (-sarcasm-) that they included JHU there...I wonder if it'd be worth writing to the editor to find out where they got that information?


1. I just want to say that I pointed out those two photos of the freshmen as cute SAAB photos. :)

2. I find it sad whenever something that's supposed to be a matter of simple etiquette is now something that's noticeable when someone does it...like people holding doors open for other people...and, of course, like people writing thank-you notes... :(


I just wanted to add about the NY times article... with the vague quotes/reference at the end.
In my non-fiction/non-fact class we just spent all class discussing journalism fraud--where journalists make up quotes/facts and then quote them anonymously or vaguely like the ny times article just did.... verrrry suspicious....


Here's a trivia question for you... do you know the nickname of The New York Times?


Laura: The world of journalism has truly changed ... for the worse. There is no more ethics in journalism and it is very sad.

Jackie: I am very curious ... what is the NYT's nickname??? I know the tagline is "All the News That's Fit to Print"

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