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October 17, 2007



Um .. where's America's Next Top Model? You should be ashamed.

My favorite new shows are:
Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies {though this is on during ANTM, so I have to watch the online episode every week}, and Private Practice. Not as many as I expected. I'm still waiting on Viva Laughlin! to premiere but I think that'll be pretty good as well.

I was disappointed with:
Big Shots, Carpoolers, Cane, Chuck, Samantha Who?, and Desperate Housewives {yeah, so this show isn't new, but it's just so bad I figured it needed mentioning}.

My favorite returning shows are:
How I Met Your Mother, Boston Legal, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Grey's, The Soup, America's Next Top Model, Las Vegas, Entourage, and The Office.

And, of course, I fill it all in with the necessary fluff: Survivor {which really IS entertaining}, Queer Eye, SNL, Travel Channel, and Arthur. ;]

Yay, television!!


Flight of the Conchords is my latest obsession. Glad to see it get some love here.


While I enjoy many of the shows you watch. I am so happy to hear that you watch Dexter!!!! I love that show! My whole family watches it, although it took some time to convince my brother to start watching. Apparently my brother and sister are trying to convince my family to buy showtime just so that they can watch it on TV instead of DVD.


Oh, I almost forgot...Colbert for President!


Oh Lauren ... you are going to need a bit of help with your TV selections. And just to let you know, I predict Viva Laughlin will not get past its third episode before being cancelled. If you ever want to go to "Good TV school" just let me know. (Sorry I am a true TV snob.)

Jackie: Yes Dexter is amazing!!! I'd put it as my top show right now since LOST and 24 are on hiatus and Heroes is having a bit of a sophomore slump.

Colbert for President -- a waste of his talents!!!

Tanya Lukasik

I haven't figured out how exactly I'm going to do it yet, but someway, somehow, I will get you to watch and appreciate an episode of Grey's Anatomy lol.

Josh G.

I wish I had as much free time as you (and TiVo) so I could catch up on my favorite trashy TV!


Tanya: NEVER going to happen ... and I mean NEVER.

Josh: Its not really free time ... I just make sure to squeeze in TV watching while doing other things ... like writing blogs or reading applications. (JOKE)

Tanya Lukasik

LOL, we will see about that... ;) I'm on a mission!

You missed a wonderful episode last night, Dr. Shepherd told Meredith Grey that he wanted to marry her, and that he would wait for her to be ready. However, he expressed his concern that 'another woman' might come in between... Naturally, he was speaking about me, of course lol.


OK, I just vomitted a little in my mouth. Got to go brush my teeth. YUCK!


No thanks, Daniel. ;) For me, television is all about entertainment - I watch some fantastically smart shows {Boston Legal, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother, The Office} and mix in some other some other shows that, yes, are perhaps less intelligent but just as entertaining {to me, anyway}. My necessary criteria for a show that I regularly watch is simple: it has to make me want to watch again the next week. I'd miss a lot of really fun shows if I didn't go against my best instincts and try them out in the beginning - gotta keep an open mind!


Oh, Tanya - I'm going to be invited to that wedding, right? ;) lol That was such a cute little Shepherd speech though, wasn't it? If I were Meredith I'd just be like, "Okay, I'll marry you. Now."


No more "Grey's" talk on MY blog!!!
Let's discuss real entertainment issues ... like ...

(1) Will Heroes sophomore slump continue?
(2) Who will House pick in the end as his new team members?
(3) Who set-up the guy on Life?
(4) How unique and hysterical are Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money?
(5) Will 24 come back with a good season ... last year stunk?
(6) And then there are so many great LOST questions....

Tanya Lukasik

Ruh roh. Yes Lauren, you will definitely be invited, and Daniel is going to be the ring bearer lol. ;P

I haven't had a chance to watch Entourage lately, I'm going to need a recap before I start watching again, I'm so out of the loop. :(


I'm so with you on Grey's Anatomy.

Btw, why doesn't JHU have spring transfers?


Can we switch lives? I miss the TV. Our relationship is more than lacking and I blame Hopkins and my love of sleep. :)


Scrubs definitely deserves a number one spot, it's without a doubt one of the most true and heartfelt shows ever created(the sillyness only makes it more fun!). Glad to see Entourage, i haven't been able to keep up lately, hope it's as good as always =).

And yes, Colbert for president! I've had mucho fun with the audio book, no time to read so I just listen while I'm doing other work =/. The chapter on college admissions = genius.


LOL! Stefanie, I definitely hear you there. I can usually handle doing homework and resting while watching television, but the best way I make time for television is all in the prioritizing - is sleep more important than Tyra? Is my IFP poem more important than McDreamy?

Usually, the answer is no. ;)


Why no spring transfers?
Simple ... we do not have the space in the class. Very, very few students leave Hopkins mid-way through the academic year so therefore we only bring in new students every fall semester.

I hate poetry, but I would always rank that over anything related to Grey's Anatomy.


1) This writer's strike is going to mess everything up. Give the writers what they want (except the writers from Grey's and Housewives.... terrible)!

B) Although I agree with you Re: 24, PB, Lost, Dexter, Rescue Me and Numb3rs... You failed to mention 2 of the finest programs in Television History. (Sounds like there should be a joke following that line, but if you thought that, you'd be mistaken) Smallville and The Shield. And have you given Reaper a chance? What say you?


Thanks for the comment Paul.

1) I completely agree. Don't mess with my winter and spring TV schedule ... I need it while reading applications.

2) Never got into Smallville and only watched Season 1 of the Shield. I guess if the strike continues, TV on DVD will be my option and these two shows will definitely be on my list.

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