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February 21, 2008


Nathan G (from New England)

Isn't Connecticut part of New England?

I guess the folks at Hopkins realize that a state half consisting of Yankees fans does not deserve New England status.

Islam Soliman

Replacing Howie Rose? I don't think that’s possible...Unless you come up with a better catch phrase than "Put it in the Books!". But the Mets have had trouble lately replacing Gary Cohen when he moved to T.V. Maybe you have a shot, who knows.

I enjoyed the video blog. I was actually wondering how all the applications could fit into one room. Its pretty amazing how smoothly things went along. Just last month, I saw a photo with several dozen crates with papers in them just waiting to be alphabetized. Pretty cool because we are actually reaching the final stretch. Only about a month and a few days left until I find out :-)

I'm guessing the next post will finally be the New York state representative. At least I hope it is(I've been waiting for three weeks). In response to the last comment, Connecticut is technically part of NE but there are several people from CT that commute to the New York area for work. All the mid-Atlantic states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey are also part of the New York Metropolitan area, which is probably why the regions are separated in such a way. It has nothing to do with the Yankees, but I must say - Lets Go Mets.


Nathan G:
Technically Connecticut is considered part of the New England region, but not for Hopkins. We break down our Admissions regions by applicant volume, so CT is not part of my region but part of the NY/CT region.

Sorry but the next post is not the NY/CT representative. There is a specified order I am following, which means the NY/CT profile will be posted on 3.3.08. Stay tuned.


Connecticut is obivously from New England!!! ill will comment later on your oscar picks. I think i'm more with Soze though.


I have to agree that "the focus on how Harvard / Yale / Princeton goes so goes everyone else" is completely inaccurate. If that were true, then we'd all be losers like Princeton (lacrosse reference :-)).


For those interested, here is the results from the Daniel vs. Soze Oscar predictions:

Soze = 15 / 24 = 62.5%
Daniel = 12 / 24 = 50%

Compared to last year, Soze improved from his 50% mark, and I went down from my 54% mark. Two years in a row of poor predictions for both of us though!!!

As far as some of my thoughts ...

- John Stewart is a good host, but I still prefer Billy or Ellen. He did get the show to end before midnight which was good.
- I was really excited for two winners - the duo from Once for Best Song and Diablo Cody for screenwriting Juno
- Happy that Bourne was recognized 3x, felt like No Country deserved the awards it won, and I feel bad for PTA because in any other year he probably could have swept the same awards that the Cohens did
- I liked seeing Marion Cotillard and Tilda Swinton winning upsets for female acting, especially since the male races had clear front-runners win
- Overall a B grade for me ... could have been better, could have been worse.

Nathan G (from New England)

My comment was in jest (rhetorical question), but that's alright.


Billy Crystal is the best Oscar host ever. While John Stewart was an okay host, its tought to be great when your competing against Billy.

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