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February 25, 2008


Jason Kuo

Yay for New Jersey!

It's pretty awesome to have done skating professionally. Disney on Ice sounds really exciting to do. I have enormous respect for the sport as I know a friend who trains extensively for those competitions.



"Book - The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell"...not going to lie, The Syphilis story in Baltimore is pretty interesting. I'm glad your favorite part of your job is reading...that could be a problem if you didn't like it and had to read New Jersey.


I have to agree--I have the utmost respect for you being a professional figure skater. Do you think Hopkins will ever have a figure skating club?

Ditto "The Tipping Point" being a great book. I read it last year for my AP English class (taught by a Hopkins alumnus, actually) and was completely enthralled.

Mark Butt (Assistant Director of Admissions)

Well thanks! I'm not actually sure if JHU will ever have a rink because maintaining one is incredibly expensive. There is one just up the road however where I coach once a week which is fun.


That's awesome! Which rink is it? I'm definitely going to have to check that out if I go to JHU next year. :-)

Mark Butt (Admissions)

Northwest Ice Arena in Mt. Washington! =]

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