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February 04, 2008


Cindy Bigeh

Hi Shannon,

Our daughter has applied JH and is currently waiting for the decision letter. Is there a location on the JH website where we can check her admission status ie. materials received? If it is here we haven't located it yet.

She had asked for an alumni interview but never heard back. The whole college application process sure is interesting! Any information you can offer would be helpful, especially if she gets accepted. Do you do alumni interviews in Oregon where we are located?


Johns Hopkins University does not have an online system for tracking application status nor to check one's admissions decision when notifications have been released.

Regular decision admissions notifications will be released by April 1st. No official date has yet been selected for the release of decisions. Decisions will be released by postal mail as well as emailed to students who listed an active email address on their application for admission.

Your daughter can check about the alumni interviews she requested by sending an email to NASC@jhu.edu.

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