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December 15, 2008



it's insanely cool to read this microblog and know that exactly a year ago i was one of the nervous thousand and some waiting to hear a yes or no. now, i'm sitting in my dorm room studying for a chem final wondering where the year went and how i actually got here. the retrospect is overwhelming. all i can say is good luck to all the ED kids, and that no matter what, you all have bright futures ahead of you :)

hope to meet many of you next fall.

Yoon Sik Lee



ooh listen to "rainy day" by coldplay's new album "prospekt' march."
eagerly awaiting results @ 8:00 AM Dec. 16 (int'l time)


I can't believe it was TWO years ago for me that this very date seemed to be defining my life. hm. I should write a blog about this. :)

Hope the rest of the day goes smoothly, Daniel!


With regards to application withdrawal requests Did you mean Early Action decisions?


I'm so nervous. Question, even though some people withdrew, JHU won't be letting in more people in the ED pool correct? So, just as an example, if 300 made it into ED and 100 canceled you'll just leave ED at 200?

Zachary P. Bowman

well...i am one of those nervous ones waiting for a decision.... but i don't understand...will we recieve an e-mail confirming the decison? and when do we get this LETTER...?

Josh G

Mike and Mike is a nice way to start the day. I used to listen to them back in High school when I woke up. College has made me lazy though and I could never get up that early.

Sandy Brown

I am also confused about the method of notification. If decisions are sent by e-mail, when will the e-mails be sent? Other schools give the exact time that e-mails will be sent out, but I can't find such information on the Hopkins site.

jhu_michelle t

DC - for some reason, when I imagine you "tweeting," I think of the little blue jays we used to have around the office.

Alan Solitar

I am pretty sure that the website said emails will be sent out at 6 pm and letters are being sent out today but will not recieved for a few days. Just as nervous as you are here. Lol,why can't the clock move any faster?

Sandy Brown


Adam Akkad

I cant wait for 4pm to come around! Gah, im so nervous! Good luck everyone!

Adam Akkad

Does anyone know if we can call and find out if we've been admitted?


Just a reminder ... keep checking my updates as I am answering some of your questions -- like how decisions are releaesed.


As I just posted...

"Admissions decisions can be released over the phone starting Thursday, December 18. We will only release decisions to the applicant, a parent or guardian of the applicant, or the applicant's high school guidance counselor. Decisions will be released only if the identity of the caller can be reasonably assured. "


Friends, go on top of the page and click on the 2007 link..( journal through out the Early Decision Notification day (micro-blogging)). You will see the entire minute by minute drama of how the students got to know of their decisions last year.


Can you please give this years acceptance rate for ED, number of International students admitted etc. as you gave the previous year?


I'm too distracted. I can't focus and it's annoying. gah!

Zachary P. Bowman

well...you have provided us with a bountiful amount of information so far and thanks for answering my questions... i'm sure that we all appreiate this microblogging... although, i am not sure whether it is satisfying my nerve or making me more on edge. i will have patience, 6pm is so far away!

Alan Solitar

3 hours, 17 minutes


I agree with Zachary. Thank you so much but I'm not quite sure if this makes me feel better or if it just makes me more nervous.

Justine D

I agree that waiting is the worst. Two hours and forty-five minutes. After counting down the hours and minutes all day today I wonder how in the world I made it through the past month and a half.

And the prospect of more waiting (getting deferred) seems almost as bad as getting denied acceptance at this point...

Zachary P. Bowman

<2.5 hours remain

and i keep on waiting....


ok, I sent my daughter away from the computer & I am taking her place : )

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