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January 15, 2009



wow. WOW. the only other thing I can think of is, what about ACE OF CAKES? that is such a great show.

I'm honestly impressed by both you and Paul. This kind of tv routine takes massive organization skills and a lot of work (and here I thought tv was for fun).


Forgive me but...

I like Hannah Montana! But you watching it would be very...wrong.


Day 7 of 24 is looking good so far! Can't wait till Monday night.


TV is fun ... and fun things can be quite addictive. Ace of Cakes is a great show and I do watch it occassionally, but not enough to make the list above. (I can't watch everything -- ha ha)

Very funny.

I do hope Day 7 of 24 builds off a great first four hours. My only concern is that the first four hours of Day 6 were really good too, and the rest was downhill. I have faith in Jack Bauer though.


First, I really really appreciate the shout out to Sports Night, the under-appreciated first child of Aaron Sorkin. I know your taste for politics has soured over the years, but you need to at least try the West Wing, it's AMAZING.

Second, I'm disappointed that The Wire is so low on your list! When I'm done watching, I will lend you seasons 2 and 3 because it's seriously one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen.


Julia: I was a West Wing fan, and it was must-see TV for me when it was on, but it doesn't make the "Shows I Miss" list as I think the show ran its run. At times it was a bit too preachy for me, and honestly if the show was on right now no one would watch it -- the Obama presidency is going to be a much more interesting show.

As far as the Wire, it is going to be my summer project. It is one of those shows I regretted I didn't watch when it aired, but I am thankful for TV on DVD. If you are a Wire fan, than let me suggest you try Homicide: Life on the Street or HBO's OZ.


Scrubs? YES.
Heroes? YES.

But where is The Office??


Sorry no Office for me ... I tried the first few episodes and coulnd't get into it. I really hate it when American television messes with a British classic -- see Coupling and Life on Mars for two other examples.

The original Ricky Gervais version of the Office is a masterpiece and no Steve Carrell version can match it ... sorry.


Oh come on Medium is terrific. Her husband Joe is a riot! Oh and don't forget Psych and Burn Notice.


Not a fan of any of the Arquettes, so Medium is definitely a show I can't ever get into. Plus, the whole ghost idea is not something I enjoy.

As for Psych and Burn Notice, I have seen episodes and enjoyed them ... but not enough to add to any of my regular lists. USA Network just doesn't grab me with their shows anymore, after cancelling The 4400.


LOST is truly the greatest show on television. You couldn't be more right.

How are you liking the new season?

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