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January 11, 2009



Wow - Talk about on the money... This guy is a genius. And handsome to boot.


Agree with almost all your viewing choices. But you really need to balance with some comedies. I would suggest Scrubs(especially reruns of early seasons), How I Met Your Mother (so, so funny) , and Big Bang Theory (thought I'd hate it, but also so, so funny).


I love Prison Break =) And yes, I would agree that yo do watch too much TV. haha


Paul, you have an illness. The problem is I have the same one. I will be posting my TV selections soon, but here is a similar post of mine from October 2007:

I was sad to hear today that Prison Break was cancelled:

It is not the worse thing though because I think I will be replacing it with a new favorite: "Lie to Me."


Thanks for breaking the disappointing news to me, Admissions_Daniel. =P I cannot believe Prison Break is coming to an end! I hope the show finishes with a great, memorable ending.

April is so far away..the wait is definitely painful.. *tears


Excellent blog Paul. You have to add another one to your list now, "The Mentalist" very good show, funny but dramatic at times. Also, have you ever seen "Bones". Funny, sad, David Boreanaz, 'nuff said.


Thanks Mags - the problem with adding shows is that I have to subtract another. I'm having a very difficult time finding shows that I am ready to let go of. "Lie to Me" might be coming on board and the "Dollhouse" is beginning Feb 13th. I feel alot of pressure... The only thing that is good about the terrible things that happen such as Prison Break being canceled is that it opens up a slot for some potential new favorites. I've thought about giving "Bones" a shot before. Perhaps I'll give it a try.

Your Favorite FM

Paul, WOW. I'm glad you at least posted a picture of your son. And you forgot to mention that you were on the cover of People's Magazine when they ran their Most Beautiful People edition back in 2007.

Your favorite FM (who else, duh)

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