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July 20, 2009



Hooray, Soze! I knew you could do it. Welcome to the ranks of the water dogs, my friend. I give your form a perfect 10!

AdmissionsDaniel's MOM

Looking at the last few pictures one word comes to mind...dysfunctional...but we all do love eachother and that's all that really matters..miss you already...Glad AdmissionsDaniel is back to blogging...

JHU Dominique

I need to join Lilly's swim class!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


Looks like you had a lot of fun Daniel! That's what summer is for. :)

Your sis

Bravo. Did you have to post our pictures though. We would have preferred to remain anonymous, so people would think Lilly and Cooper had supermodels for parents ;-)

Welcome back to reality with some terrific memories to keep you going. I miss you, every day. Love, Nic

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