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December 15, 2009


Billy Yan

ha i will be reading ur blog and posts as they appear, thank you for providing this blog. It has served as a source of confort and solace in this really hectic porcess of admissions. I'd like to thank you for this blog and your really inspiring blog posts.

Richard Zhou

So it begins huh. I cannot say I will envy the folks at the Baltimore Post Office tomorrow (or today rather). Thanks for writing these highly informative and entertaining blogs. I'll definately be following this page for updates all day today. Well good luck everyone!

Jessica Yang

Thank you for micro blogging! It calms my nerves a bit to know what is happening. (Oh, and CC is now up and running XD).

Eric Yao

ha I've been waiting for this for a long time! Thanks for doing the blog posts!

Olivia Farrelly

Thank you so much for the updates! I'm definitely going to be checking this page a lot today.

Nikita Bansal

I definately think I'll be frequently checking this blog today, more so than I ever have on previous occasions.

Thanks for micro-blogging and keeping all of us so well informed - especially today! Ha

Billy Yan

I will be checking this blog every other period, this blog is amazing thank you soo much for keeping us updated.

Jon Hunt

Thank you for this blog so much. I am extremely anxious and this blog is somewhat mitigating of my occupation with the admissions decision that I will receive later today.

Wenhao Lu

My goodness...time appears to stop...the pain and the agony of anticipation...possibly even denial...you pust yourself to the limit and just a bit more...it is such a shame that we cannot control our own fate but rather, put our fates in the hands of an admission officer who won't glance twice over our applications...I guess this is a leap of trust...good luck everyone...


I get so excited on ED notification day...oh, the memories!


Ah, I never thought your ED micro-blogging would pertain to me. Thanks for the updates and all the information you have provided me through your blog. I don't usually comment, but today was an exception. Haha.

Your dog, Soze, is adorable.


I have been following Johns Hopkins for the past 2 years, and today is the day I've been waiting for. Thank you, Admissions_Daniel, for your blogging, help on CC and JHU's website, and for your microblogging today. Whatever happens, I accept, so thank you and the whole admissions committee for all your work.


As a parent of a prospective Hopkins Blue Jay, I can't tell you how thankful I am that you created this blog so I can finally tell my son to do something that he is constantly telling me and his mother to do...and that is, "Just CHILL" while we wait until 7PM tonight! I enjoy the narrative, too.....you are an '80s kind of guy, huh? Takes me back to college myself when all that music first came out to the world on campus radio stations like ours! Happy holidays to you and your staff and thanks for sharing the process. This IS a great idea for parents and students alike.

Eric Wan

This is exciting! Two more hours :) Doing mindless work to distract myself for the next couple hours.

Peter C

That explains why the office was so dead today when I was at work...

Taylor K

This is a comment on you 11:01 am post, During my 10th grade world history class, I had to draw, free-handedly, the entire world, all 195 countries. I am the only person in my school who has even done it 100% correctly. We even had to know spelling. It was pretty tough, so kudos to you knowing over 180 of the countries. I don't think that I could still draw the entire map. It was more of a one time event.

Wenhao Lu

Less than an hour now...the agony of anticipation is almost over. It just may be bittersweet; I guess all we have to do is keep our heads up and thank the admission officers for their decisions.

Eric Wan

If you like the countries sporcle, try the pi sporcle.


Billy Yan

I'm so nervous, but i find solace that so many NJ kids got in I'm from NJ, hope I'm one of the 71


I wish people commented on my blog.... Not like this is jealousy or anything.

Greco S.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jessica... Ditto!

Eric Yao

half an hour left..... I don't think I'll be able to concentrate on homework until I know the result....

Matthew Pulaski

This is so nerve-racking! Less than thirty minutes to go.

Phillip Sanchez

XD i haven't been able to do anything but wait for the past hour.

Wenhao Lu

7:00 is on the horizon...I never been so nervous in my life.

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