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December 11, 2009



Thanks for the update.

Adam Zeldin

The change in time is very considerate to people on the west coast who are often times just beginning to head back from school at 3 (6 EST).

I had friends who had other emails from other east coast schools received in the middle of class. It would often require that they to sneak to a computer to access their email.

Fortunately, I was at home 2 years ago when I received mine.

Good luck with the decisions.

Jessica Yang

Thank you for the update!!! I love the building covered in snow so it is now my desktop background =)

Noah Guiberson

"By late morning the counseling staff was in our conference room with Dean of Admissions John Latting discussing how the applicant pool looked overall and what our process would be for Committee."

If I may ask, how did the applicant pool look overall?


Thank you for update

Eric Wan

This is exciting news! Can't wait :)

Daniel Benarroch

I was so nervous, checking my e-mail every 30min! And i live in Spain!
I can't wait for tonight, even if it's late here, I will wait!
Thank you for the update!

Eric Wan

I feel like I need to credit you for getting me addicted to Glee. AUGH XD

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