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February 02, 2010


C. Chronis

Hello, I am the parent of an applicant. I just found out that the high school made two mistakes. One of the universities my son applied to send us back the application and I learned that the most important letter of reference was not included, and another letter had the wrong ratings page attached.

Talk about angst. It is out of your hands you say? I do not want it to be out of my hands... I would like to fix it. Any suggestions?

A perplexed parent.


When a school makes a mistake with a student's application, the guidance counselor should make the correction. Mistakes happen and that is why we accept updates and error corrections to a student's application after the deadline has passed.

Your child should speak with his/her guidance counselors and request that a new transcript along with a cover letter that explains the mistakes be sent to the Office of Admissions. This information along with any missing reference letter can be faxed by the counselor to our office - 410-516-6025.

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