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October 04, 2007



I walked in Relay for Life last year, and it was SO fun! I stayed up all night for it, too - 'twas the best all-nighter I've ever had. :)


I've already gotten in the habit of calling my suite "home." It got confusing when I was talking about flying to NC ("home") for the weekend, haha. I don't know though, nothing destroys the idea of a home quite like the horrible alarms that go off on our floor when people leave the door open. Is it just me or do our floormates have a tendency to do that A LOT?


ok i love your catch phrase...if it is going to be a catch phrase. It 1. reminds me of my gossip girl obsession where it always ends with "you know you love me" its is cute in the same way, along similar lines, but is appropraite to admissions and 2. is a good Pink Floyd song. Happy to see you blogging!


Great first entry!!! A lot of freshmen feel a form of being homesick their first month at school, but so few express such emotions and very few can express them as well as you did!

Sorry about the Phillies! I guess no one can stop the Rockies right now.


Lauren, you may be one of the newest blogs, but this is definitely the prettiest! I want a new background now...

And a great first entry. Going away for the semester in junior year feels a little like starting all over again like freshman year but it isn't so scary having done it before!


Lauren, I am so glad that there is another awesome writing sems/ humanities person on the board!!

We should take over soon with our similar names and academic prowess. And both of our blog names are song titles.... I see a trend. ;)

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